Dementia Remembers has specialized programs for education, workshops, communication coaching, and care counseling to address the communication challenges, reframe our approach to care and communication and improve interactions with the person who has dementia. My goal is to provide and improve care in a private residence or a professional residential setting. This approach reduces stress when managing dementia in any setting. My program on Understanding the Fine Points of Dementia reveals my expertise from many years of experience and education.

It is my honor and pleasure to have you visit the Dementia Remembers website. My name is Cyndee Frey, and I’m the owner of Dementia Remembers, a consulting company that provides education, training and care counseling for healthcare professionals, non-professionals, first responders and family members. As the only individual in Houston, Texas who is certified in the Validation Method of Communication, I specialize in verbal, non-verbal and behavioral communication. The way we provide care and communicate has to change throughout the progression of dementia to provide effective care and support family and professional relationships.  (Read more about Dementia.)


My Mission is to educate and assist people who work or live with someone who has dementia. My passionate focus is on creating a failure free environment where it is possible to attain a supportive and dynamic style of life for all involved. (Click here to see list of services or Contact Cyndee.)

Core Values & Beliefs

I believe that:

  • Every person, including people in any stage of dementia, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in every phase and stage of life
  • Every human being has a basic need to communicate, even when they can no longer communicate verbally
  • All behavior has meaning and every person, with or without dementia, exhibits behavioral communication
  • Most people respond to genuine caring, empathy, nurturing, touching and eye contact
  • Emotions are powerful and those established early in life remain in to very old age
  • All people are valuable and unique

Social Media

Dementia Remembers has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an RSS feed for the blog, and I have a LinkedIn account, all worth following! Click here to view the Social Media page on DementiaRemembers.com.

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